Security concerns! Kante is afraid that he will not return to practice with Chelsea.

21 May

       Sky Sports, the famous British sports media, said on Wednesday that N'Kolo Kante had asked not to return to practice at Chelsea's training ground despite recently training with his teammates. But "Indigo Blue Lions" are not angry with this, like Frank Lampard, the team's manager

who supports the decision of the 29-year-old. N'Kolo Kante, a talented midfielder at Chelsea, the English Premier League giants, decided not to practice with the team on Wednesday 20 May, due to safety concerns about measures for each team to return. Can practice in groups 

Which he has received permission from the agency that does not need to practice at the practice field as well According to the disclosure of Sky Sports, the city's leading sports media. The heavy spread of the Covid-19 virus has caused the Premier League to suspend the 

match since March. The players of each team can only practice at their own home as well. Shortly before, there will be a resolution for each  team to be able to train players to practice in small groups. At the practice field

In fact, on Tuesday, May 19, Kante is one of Chelsea's players who returned to practice on the team's practice field. Plus also comes with a new look and hair styling as well But on Wednesday, he told the agency that he did not want to practice at the practice field, 

which Chelsea has allowed him to not have to practice. It is believed that Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has no problems with the 29-year-old's decision, with sources saying that Kante is still worried about returning to practice. are Considering the risks at this time, the Covid-19 virus Still causing many deaths around the world on a daily basis   อ่านต่อได้ที่   ดูหนังออนไลน์HD 


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